The Very First Post!

Thanks for visiting our blog for Guinness Atticus.  Guinness Atticus is the name we’ve chosen for our company and the name comes from our Bulldog, Guinness Atticus Buckley Morrissey.  His full name was just a little too long for a company name, so we went with the first two.  It’s catchy and we’ve begun branding it on Twitter with @guinnessatticus.  Often when I meet people that we’ve connected with through Twitter, it takes them a few minutes to remember my real name, Graves De Armond.

Most people often decide to use their real name or a nick name as their Twitter ID, choosing to use the company name was purposeful and as we gain followers and follow others, the name Guinness Atticus is being spread and acknowledged as our Brand!

Here’s our namesake’s puppy picture:

Bulldog Puppy
Guinness Atticus Buckley Morrissey

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