Social Media and Social Interaction

Last night, I had the chance to hang out with some of my Detroit area Social Media/Twitter friends.  One of my friends, @likelylad32 is an British citizen and was feeling homesick.  His wife, @becksdavis, gathered a group of us together to help him celebrate Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night.  It’s a British holiday, largely celebrating how, in 1605, thirteen young men planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Among them was Guy Fawkes, Britain’s most notorious traitor.  They celebrate with bonfires, fireworks and effigies.

We gathered at a local Irish Pub – there aren’t any good English pubs in the Detroit area.  He was pleasantly surprised and as he Tweeted earlier today, it meant a lot to him.  It was a great mix of younger and older friends, but all of us from Twitter and Social Media, in our Detroit area.  Naturally, the discussions ranged from personal, to work, and back to our common interest of Social Media.

Some of the people in the room are movers and shakers here in Detroit.  The President of Social Media Club Detroit and co-founder of Future Midwest, @DaveMurr was there (Dave is an inspiration to me and quite the mentor!); as was @tverma29 who not only works for @puremichigan – the main tourist ad campaign for our great state, but she runs Laptops for Ladies, and Girls in Tech/Detroit.  She and I had an awesome conversation about things going on in our lives and I was honored that she shared with me some personal conflicts that I am 100% behind her on.  I hope she knows I am here if she needs a shoulder or ear at anytime.  Also in attendance, was @HubertGAM.  He is a music promoter and founder of #Tweetea, which now has 5 locations in the Detroit Metro area and one in Minnesota.

@becksdavis, our evening’s organizer, is also one of Detroit’s preeminent bloggers!  Her blog, Detroit Moxie, is a must read if you live in or will visit the Detroit Metro area.  She is also running for the Good Mood Blogger and has garnered several thousand votes, even with joining the contest two weeks late!  If you love good blogs, click over and give her your vote.

It was a great evening with friends and a very motivating evening, too.  I look forward to being with my friends and to all that Detroit’s Social Media community has in it’s future!


2 Replies to “Social Media and Social Interaction”

  1. Great article Neal. Looking forward to many more! I think I’ll volunteer for one of the organizations you mentioned.

  2. So that’s why we were all hanging out together! 🙂

    Nice wrap up of the evening Neal. It has been a real privilege to see the Detroit social web community grow over the years. Now we need to start connecting to other communities in the area. Cross pollination is a must.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am incredibly flattered that you would consider me a mentor. Anything I can do to help, let me know!

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