What Do You View as Social Media Necessities?

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“Do you have profiles on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn?
Yes I have all the above – Facebook, which I use more socially, MySpace, which is more used for Music likes and discovery these days. I use Twitter more and more and I keep up a personal, business and two client Twitters. I do have a LinkedIn account and am working on updating it to make it more professional and current.

“Do you have a Google profile?
Yes, I really like Google! I use Gmail, Google documents, Google Reader and Google Voice. I’m especially loving the new phone options that Google has recently implemented. Anytime I’m on my computer I have my Gmail account open and if someone calls my cell phone or home phone, they are forwarded instantly into Google Phone and I can click and answer and talk to the person right through my computer!

“Are your profiles linked together?” All my business accounts are linked together and my personal accounts are linked together, My blog posts to my Facebook and MySpace and my personal Twitter posts to my Facebook. As do my FourSquare and Yelp location accounts.

“Do you use a consistent name across profiles?
Yes, I use the same name for each personal account and for each business account the names are consistent, too.

I searched for my name as first name last name, middle name and last name and full name and got a couple things here and there – mostly references to obits or other non-related people around the country. When I searched for my name as “gndearmond” I found a full page of information on myself! I was both pleasantly surprised and shocked. I did some promo items for a local band – unfortunately, they are called the Serial Killers! So, all the links to their items that I’d created showed up. gndearmond…Serial Killers, this and that – several findings listed as such. I’ll leave the site links up until the end of the month, but it will come down ASAP, just to clear up what would have been a great persona, otherwise.

“What do you want your online persona to be?
I’d like it to be professional, but not too stuffy. To correctly represent myself and my company and to convey just the right amount of information, but nothing unnecessary.

“Given your goals, what services/sites do you think you can use to develop an online persona that will help you build your personal brand?
I think that both personally and as a Marketer/Web Developer it is currently necessary to have all the “Big 4” services under your belt: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and then your choice of either Yelp or FourSquare (or both). Lately, I’ve been experimenting with GoWalla and other Apps on my Android, too. I love the convenience of having my Android as an extension of my cyber world (just wish the battery would hold up to my power usage!).

It’s amazing how you can link all the above sites, use them to announce an event, post an opinion or link to your companies site or Blog. You can even run campaigns and contests utilizing them – all in hopes of driving your persona or product/service. Give it a try – Here’s a challenge for now, through the coming new year – Try something new, experiment and you may find a new techy/Social Media love.


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